Getting Started with Your Own Podcast – The Very Basics: What, Who and Why


Podcasting 101

You’ve done the research, bought the equipment, came up with the best puns and have a killer name for your podcast, but what’s next? Putting your material out there and generating an audience would be a great start! We’re going to be going over some great, basic tips and tricks to help get you started with your own podcast, from the very early stages; the what, who and why!


What is your podcast about?

So, you sit down to record your first episode. Your first thoughts should be what, who and why! What do I want my show to be about, who do I want it to be for and why am I making this podcast? The topic of your podcast can literally be about anything. If you are a self proclaimed pro at something, have an affinity for diet and weight loss, or just want to talk about the best spots to grab food in your area, your show should be 100% you. The topic of your podcast is the basic building block for everything; once you have that, you’re ready to move on to the next step; the who.


Who is your podcast for?

After your topic is chosen, you need to focus on who the podcast is for. If you’re creating a hobby based show about comic books, aim to target that audience! Talk about the history, your favorite comics, the genres, the best villains. Then ask yourself, “Would someone who loves comics enjoy this?” Once you nail the who down, you can start generating your audience. The who will keep your show on track and focused.


Why are you creating this podcast?

And lastly, why? Why are you making this podcast? Is it to inform? To entertain? Do you just want to blow off some steam and have the internet listen? The goal with the why of your podcast is to provide value for your listeners. You’re sharing information, good information, and they’re going to come back for more.


Once you have the answers to these questions, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff; naming your baby!