How to find podcast advertisers

Businesses are anticipated to spend more than 500 million dollars on podcast ads by the end of year 2020. Many of the world’s most famous podcast programs earn money from sponsorship and advertising deals. The organization then pays podcast host for this authentication. But getting advertisers for the podcast is the real deal. There are many ways to get advertisers for the podcast besides the mentioned above. All of them can be just as effective at showing ads on your program. When using brokers, you must, of course, share the profits; however, as the show increases, you need to search for an independent advertiser.

Here are some key strategies and tips for finding the right advertisers for the podcast. Let’s have a look at these tips and strategies one by one

Search for podcasts in your category

Do proper market research for podcasts in your category as well as a subcategory to know about the brands that are sponsoring podcasts in your category. If the audience corresponds to the podcasts they are presently sponsoring, that company will be more willing to work with you. Contact the podcast hosts who display ads and ask if you can get the contact details of that specific company or brand.

Join podcast platform

By joining the podcast platform, it’s easy for the advertiser to see you. Instead of wasting time deciding which podcasts are right for their audience, big podcast advertisers will approach a podcast platform where they can access a massive number of shows. This way, you can easily find a sponsor in the early stages of its growth. Through a platform, the advertiser gets access to multiple programs and the network or the platform receives a commission.

Approach the advertisers or get approached by them

You can also take the first step and contact the sponsors that correspond to your niche. Although it may seem strange to the new podcast, a podcaster with a strong listener base can be approached by the advertiser. Of course, this is a passive way, and you have no guarantee that someone will contact you due to the many popular programs currently available. It is best to approach the advertiser yourself.

Pitch the company on your podcast value

If you have data on past promotions, statistics on the most recent drop in products, or demographic analysis of the audience, this information can be useful tools to develop a convincing sales offer. Do your best to convince the advertisers that are investing in your podcast. Plan a trial period of 3 to 6 episodes so they can try it without committing for a long-term engagement.

Contact the brands

Remember that wrong advertising can put an end to the listener base. Podcasts are top-rated, but podcast ads are still not traditional. To be successful and productive, contact brands that are already spending money on the podcast ads. Active podcasts usually have contact information on their websites. Find contacts with marketing or public relations representatives.

Consider these tips and you will surely find advertisers for podcast.