How To Make Money From A Podcast

You are someone who wants to know how to create a podcast from home. Alternatively, you already know how to build a podcast and have learned the art of creating it skillfully. Now you wish to proceed further and earn money through podcasts. However, you have no idea of doing it. Read further to know about the ways of monetizing your podcast.

How to Make Money With a Podcast?

Though video content is preferred over audio content, there is still some considerable amount of fan following for podcasts. It will not be long before that podcasts can become mainstream, and be available on popular online streaming platforms.

There are some cool ways to earn money with podcasts. Detailed insights into such methods are as follows:

  1. Books and Audio Books

A podcaster is someone who creates valuable content, which is informative as well as entertaining. One of the best ways to earn from free content is by collating the information into a book. If transforming thoughts into words is hard then an audio book is the second best option for making money, as narrating is a talent that every podcaster possesses.

  1. Performance-based Marketing

Performance marketing or more popularly known as affiliate marketing involves a podcaster promoting a product or service in their podcasts and urging the listeners to try them out. When people referred by your podcast make a purchase, you earn money. It is always better to promote products or services that you, as a podcaster, are familiar.

  1. Advertising

One of the major methods through which you can earn money with the podcast is Advertising. There are many platforms available to make your work easier as a podcaster. These podcast advertising platforms help you to find advertisers, negotiating rates, getting a niche audience.

  1. Coaching

If you as a podcaster has brilliant coaching abilities and does not want to do it free, then coaching podcasts are a great way to earn money. You can create a show for which people should sign up. You can even offer attractive discounts.

  1. Virtual Summits

Organizing informative digital conference using the podcasts is a great way to gain popularity and monetize it. Virtual summits attract more subscribers and listeners.


The above-mentioned ways are some of the popular means of earning money through podcasts. Other ways through which you can monetize the podcast include consulting, crowdfunding, and events. Not all methods would bear fruits instantly, but with proper planning, podcasts can be used to earn a handsome amount of money.