P odcast is derived from the combination of Pod (ipod) and Cast (from Broadcast) is a radio and TV blog. Podcasting therefore is the process of creating and distributing audio/video programs over the internet to podcast subscribers. Podcast often consist of episodes released on regular and periodic bases and sometimes can be a special onetime program.

Originally made on ipod only, podcast is now available to all digital media devices that can download and play audio/video files. Unlike Internet radio, you are not required to tune to a particular station/channel, rather, you download the podcast on demand or subscribe through Really Simple Syndication (RSS feed) that automatically downloads the podcast to your device

And just like blogging makes Newspaper and Magazine ownership available to anyone (who wants to be a reporter) with the knowledge and access to new media technologies like smart phones, tablets and personal computers, podcast makes radio and TV ownership available to everyone (who wants to be a presenter). Therefore, if you want to be heard and/or seen, provided you have useful information to broadcast to a target audience in both audio and video file format, like radio/TV broadcaster such as a host, host interviewing a subject, introducing pre-recorded stories, promoting your music as a musician, playing music (as a DJ) podcasting is a lovely option.

To start podcasting, here is the procedure:

  • Subscribe to a podcasting site such as,, etc. you can also download podcast applications, on you mobile, such as Anchor, Podcast Go, Simple Radio, Podcast Player, Google Podcast, Podcast Addict, all available on Google Play store
  • Acquire recording equipments such as microphone to be used with your computer or software such as NHIS, WavePad, etc for both Windows and Mobile
  • Record your program. It is recommended that your file be in MP3/MP4 format being the format playable on all devices
  • Edit your recorded program to fit best for your podcast purpose
  • Create a text file in the RSS/xml format that references the audio file and adds necessary playback and identifying information. You can either “hand-code” them using special software like “feedburner” or “feed for all”. Though this can also be done by podcast application.
  • Upload the recorded program along with the code to the podcasting site
  • To promote your program, share the link to the RSS/xml file to your potential subscribers and intended users.

For more understanding of how podcast works, you can follow the steps in a successful copy. Considering the fact that there have been enormous podcasters out there, it is recommended that you subscribe to receive podcast from existing experts and listen to their programs.

To subscribe and listen to podcast of your choice:

  • Visit the podcasting site you subscribed to and click on the hyperlink for each podcast you want.
  • Start listening on or download the podcast to your device
  • Subscribe to one or more RSS feeds depending on the number of podcasts that interests you and your podcasting software will check the RSS feeds to regularly and automatically pull content that matches your playlist as well as automatically update you on the latest content.