The Answer to Stress-Free Podcasting
It is becoming clear that podcasts are the new rising star! over 48 million Americans listen to podcasts on a weekly basis and 50 percent of all US homes are podcast fans, that’s over 60 million homes! I am sure you have two or three podcasts that you listen to, shows that are your favs! Every time you see a new podcast episode go live you get excited to give it a listen. You are a fan and you have built a relationship with the host of your favorite show, it’s almost like your friends.

I know this is true because I have experienced this. My name is Joseph Navarro and I host my own top-ranked podcast with close to half a million downloads worldwide, It is called the Burn it Nutrition Podcast, a storytelling podcast about fitness and nutrition. Launching a podcast has impacted my life for the better in more ways that I could have ever imagined. It has created true fans of my business and has allowed me to leave my mark on the world through the lives I have touched. People I have impacted yet never met but with a simple touch of a record button, I have entered into their lives. You see podcast are special in that they allow you to develop an intimate relationship with the listener. This happens because the listener brings you along and listens to your shows on their drive to work, on their workout at the gym, on their afternoon walk, or while they cook dinner or do laundry. That’s because Podcasts are passive content, that is what makes them so special. Listeners can be multitasking and still be learning and entertained listening to you.
Why are Podcasts a game changer?
Well for a business or influencer, podcast allows you to go into an in-depth explanation of your message, an explanation of your product or service to better inform your target audience. This creates deep exposure for you and your business that other platforms like Facebook or Youtube cant give you. Plus the ability to run promotions for your product or services with direct links to landing pages makes the podcasting platform a key branch of a successful marketing strategy.
What is the problem with podcasting?
Well let’s be real, time is money, time is limited and podcast takes time. The work needed to launch a successful podcast can be overwhelming to some especially if you have to already run a business and still devote time to your family and have a life. Where will you find the time to do all the editing of your show? I had to learn this the hard way when I launched my own podcast. I had no time to do anything else since I had to learn how to edit, how to mix and master the audio. It was not easy and it almost made me want to quit several times. You see a podcast won’t be an overnight success you have to be consistent and allow time to build an audience. Which is easier said than done.
So what’s the solution
Well, everything I learned producing my own top-ranked podcast has allowed me to create My Podcast Creator. The purpose of My Podcast Creator is to take the stress out of podcasting! How does this work? Our producers team up with you to lay out a plan, record and launch a professional podcast that will be all yours. You bring your message highlighting your business and who you are and our team of producers & marketing experts make it happen.  We help focus in on the foundation of your new podcast and walk you through the 3 Stages for a successful launch. We guide you in recording your podcast audio and our producers handle it from there. You don’t have to worry about all the technical setup or the mixing and mastering of the audio. We also can record your shows intros & outros with professional voice-overs so your podcast stands out and your commercials conversion improves. We can also provide strategic SEO tagging to help your podcast rank on the biggest podcasting platforms. Some of our current podcasts rank on the first page of the biggest platforms on the hottest categories in the industry. We have the talent in graphic design to create podcast artwork & logos that are sharp and eye-catching. Whatever your business or show category is, we can brand it effectively so your podcast gets noticed. We also offer full website integration with show notes for each episode and direct links to any promotions or landing pages. We show you the formats to get listeners on your website to facilitate purchasing of your product or service. We also show you how to monetize your podcast! Podcast ad revenues doubled in 2017 to $313 million and likely to double again by 2020! Through our marketing methods, we have arranged thousands in ad revenue for our podcasts and we can assist in monetizing yours! The ad revenue you can receive from your podcast could pay for the initial startup costs to launch it!
Our mission with My Podcast Creator is to remove the stress from launching your own podcast! It has never been easier to broadcast your voice and your message for thousands to hear. Remember time is money and you don’t want to spend the first year learning how to do podcasting the right way. Head over to our website and fill out our short Podcast Launch Questionaire that helps you outline the launch of your podcast! Take advantage of our special $100 Discount when you mention Podcast Authority, simply go to www.MyPodcastCreator.com and fill out the questionnaire and I will contact you so my team of producers and I can take care of launching your very own professional podcast!