Reopen Your Business with a Contact Tracing App


Planning to reopen your hotel, restaurant, or shop in an area impacted by COVID-19? Whether you need to comply with local ordinances or you just want to help ensure the safety of your guest – join SafelyUnited with its easy and low maintenance Business Contact Tracing Solution. With our contact tracing technology, we can ensure we are minimizing future outbreaks, building customer confidence, and eliminating liability concerns. We are here to help.


Businesses using SafelyUnited keep their guests safe as they reopen their doors for business. Follow government regulations and guidelines for reopening with fast to set up and easy contact tracing that protects your guests’ private information through our Business Contact Tracing Solution.


How do businesses easily and quickly implement contact tracing for COVID-19 using our app?


  1. Businesses will be given Welcome Tiles that allow for guests to check-in to their establishment using the SafelyUnited application.


  1. The business side of SafelyUnited will only have limited information to the guests to ensure privacy for users. They can see who has checked-in for the duration of incubation.


  1. One of the guests starts showing symptoms and tests positive for COVID-19. A tracer from their local health organization will reach out to the guest. Because the guest uses SafelyUnited, the tracer will log onto the application and search for the guest’s profile and request access to their check-in data to see who else could have come in contact with the guest.


  1. A tracer from a local health organization will be assigned to the guest. The tracer will reach out to the business and provide resources according to their health organization.


Here is what the community is saying about our contact tracing app:


“SafelyUnited makes my guests feel safe. Nothing is more important to my business than the health of my patrons – it’s what keeps my business thriving. SafelyUnited has given my business the support to push through this crisis.”

Kara Lucas

Business Owner


“My friends and I only trust venues that are using the SafelyUnited app. My health isn’t work the risk – after all, I have a family to worry about. SafelyUnited is super easy to use and gives me the peace of mind I need to feel safe.”

Alex Cohen

SafelyUnited User


“SafelyUnited allows me to sleep easy at night. Not only can we better track the outbreak of infectious diseases – but we now have a source of truth to better help contain the threat. SafelyUnited gives us the tools we need to beat this thing.”

Richard Yen

Healthcare Official


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