Podcasts are all around now. Individuals are continually launching new podcast episodes, listening to them, and discussing them. In any case, you might be pondering, with so much discussion of podcasts, “what even is a podcast?” Not to stress, we will break down the essentials that you want to know about the podcasts listed below.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of on-request digital audio files that frequently focus on a specific theme or topic. Podcasts could be accessed online by means of a tablet, smartphone, computer, and downloaded so that they could listen whenever you want to. Audience members could listen to the podcasts at home, at work, in the car, during their work out, or anyplace they please utilizing speakers or headphones. Likewise, the audience could be automatically updated on new episodes in a podcast by subscribing to their selected podcast.

The term podcast comes out from 2 terms, iPod and Broadcast. The “pod” of the podcast is taken from Apple’s “iPod,” which is a digital media player, whereas the “cast” portion of the podcast is taken from the term “broadcast.”

It is likewise critical to note that podcasts are usually free for listening.

Types of Podcasts

The Interview Podcast

In this podcast style where a couple of hosts talk with various guests on every episode. This is a well-known format since it doesn’t usually require a ton of preparation.

The groundwork, for the most part, incorporates researching your candidate for interview and creating a rundown of questions to ask them. Obviously, you will need a few soft skills to begin this podcast type, such as convincing guests to take part, interviewing skills, and having the option to create podcast episodes routinely.

The Solo Podcast

In case you have been considering how to begin a podcast, this might be a great option, amongst other podcast types for you. These podcasts are regularly introduced as a monolog, with one individual who runs the show.

The content for solo podcasts could be news-related, opinion-based, a Q/An, or any other style that could be delivered by one individual. From a technical standpoint, this is a simple podcast to create because all you need is your voice, to realize how to record a podcast, and a subject to discuss.

The Multi-Host Podcast

This form of podcasting has at least 2 hosts, which could be more energetic as compared to a solo podcast show. In case that you have been researching how to begin a podcast and you’ve a colleague, this could be an outstanding thing for you.

Multi-have podcasts offer discussions that have various perspectives and opinions, which could bring greater entertainment value for the listeners who like to hear debates and discussions rather than a single individual talking. For the creators, it additionally creates less pressure to keep the audience interested and engaged, since there are more individuals and more thoughts.

Why should you use podcasts?

For entrepreneurs, podcasts could be a unique method to develop an intimate connection with the listeners as well as potential clients. They are hearing when you talk, one on one, which assists with adapting your relationship in such a way that your written content can’t. Also, offering various ways for your audience to engage with your content as well as your brand is never a terrible thing.

Podcasting could likewise assist you with building a name from scratch and place yourself as an expert in your forte. You could direct individuals to your online store, by using the backlinks in the podcast directories just as addressing your audience to visit your website at the end of every podcast episode.